These new generation post rammers have become the machine of choice for professional fencers. AGTEC has a Fence-Pro machine as part of the AGHIRE fleet and the client comments are always favourable in terms of ease of operation and smooth hydraulics. The machines are made locally in Palmerston North with excellent service and back-up parts.

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Fencepro Farmtek Post driver

Farmers love the versatility of the Farmtek post driver, it is compact, safe and easy to use with a capacity for high workloads.

Standard Features:

  • 4.0m Mast
  • 190Kg Block
  • 3 Bank Valve
  • Hydraulic Side Tilt and Toplink
  • Adjustable Height Feet
  • 60mm Main Pivot Pin
  • 9mm Wire Rope

Fencepro Mule

The Mule is an extremely robust and versatile post driver capable of high workloads in difficult conditions. The mast is the same construction as the top of the range Ultra G2 and can be fitted with a wide range of options such as a rock spike or auger.

Fencepro Mule FX 4.5

  • 4.5m Hydraulic Hinge
  • 900mm Side mount unit with tool box
  • 250mm Mast shift – Mast moves 4 ways
  • 270Kg Block
  • 6 Lever valve bank
  • Adjustable Feet

Fencepro Ultra G2

The Fence – Pro Ultra G2 has proven to be the fencing contractors’ first choice of post rammer. AGTEC have fitted a significant number of these rammers to a wide variety of units ranging through crawler and wheeled tractors. The popularity comes from their ability to handle difficult fencelines with ease, speed and safety.

Fencepro Ultra G3

  • The latest model Fence-Pro!!
  • Ultra G3
  • 4.8m heavy duty mast
  • 300kg Contractors block
  • 6 bank high-flow valve bank with Dirverter
  • Hydraulic hinge (3.2m transport height)
  • 350mm Mastshift
  • 75mm Main Pivot Pin
  • 11mm Wire rope
  • Inverted Lift-ram Low-Whip Technology
  • Heavy duty 50mm Postcap