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125 rotator base

Compact 125 Post Driver Base

The Compact 125 Post Driver Base is the most compact unit available for farmers and fencing contractors who want to be able to side mount and rear mount with very little extra added weight to their unit.

This Base is very compact and sits very close to the tractor keeping the weight forward as much as possible.

This Base was primarily designed for fencing contractors who do a lot of hill country work and has proven to be very popular with its compact and simple design.

spike wheels

Steel Spike Wheels

The Kyne Steel Spike Wheels are designed and manufactured for fencing contractors and farmers to give them the ability to work in wetter and slipperier conditions and in steeper country without the risks. The adjustable feature on these steel spike wheels gives you huse benefits and have proved their worth by many fencing contractors and manuka planting operations.

Spike Wheels are available for both front and back wheels. Front wheels giving you massive breaking traction when dropping down a fence line.