The SCIMITAR Range of Equipment has been developed over many years of practical hands on experience and has proven itself to be robust and reliable in meeting the needs of many New Zealand farmers. This experience in agricultural machinery allows us to manufacture equipment that not only meets our client’s needs but will also survive intensive use and all environments. SCIMITAR equipment is designed with common sense in mind, in terms of ease of operation, servicing and affordability.

 “We are committed to our clients getting service, commitment and integrity like nowhere else.”

Each machine has a range of options and can be custom modified to suit specific requirements for different areas.

log forks

Scimitar Log Forks

  • Very Solid Frame
  • Euro Hitch Brackets
  • Forklift Forks (high strength)
  • Single Hydraulic Grab
  • 1000mm Wide
  • 1200mm Long Forks

$2,850.00 +GST

scimitar 8 tonne tip trailer

Scimitar 8 Tonne Tip Trailer

Scimitar 8 Tonne Tip Trailer

  • 3.75m x 2.5m Deck Size
  • 200x100x6 RHS Chassis
  • 5mm Corten Steel Deck
  • 1040mm Deck Height
  • 450mm High Sides – Double Skinned
  • 550mm High Tailgate
  • 650mm High Headboard
  • Tandem Axle – 70mm Subs
  • 400/60 x 15.5 Wheels
  • 4 Stage Ram
  • Swivel Towing Eye
  • Auto Release Tailgate
  • Hardened Bush Pivots
  • 57 Degree Tipping Angle
  • Spreader Chains


Scimitar 6 Tonne Tip Trailer

  • 2.3m x 3.6m Deck Size
  • 5mm Corten Steel Deck
  • 450mm High Sides
  • 650mm High Headboard
  • 550mm High Tailgate
  • 4 Stage Hydraulic Ram
  • 400/60 x 15/5 Wheels
  • Hardened bushes in Pivots
  • Swivel Towing Eye
  • Auto Release Tailgate
  • Sides & tailgate are removable

Scimitar 4 Tonne Tip Trailer

Scimitar 4 Tonne Tip Trailer

3.2×2.3m Deck

Steel Deck 4mm corten

Heavy Duty Long Lasting Pivots

Single Stage Ram

Heavy Duty Main Frame

Auto Release Tailgate

400/60 x 15.5 Wheels

Towing Swivel Eye

$12,950.00 +GST

Scimitar Hog Roller

The Scimitar Hog Roller is a new product to the Scimitar Family, it is designed for ground aeration and to help pastures boost there productivity. This machine is built specifically for the New Zealand soil conditions, it is robust and strong. With harden spikes on the drum gives it a long lasting and more durable life span with our soil types.

Scimitar Rubber Tyred Roller

Scimitar Rubber Tyred Rollers have been specifically manufactured for ground compaction after drilling, to ensure seed contact with soil for best germination.

These Rollers also meet the needs of dairy and cattle farmers where paddocks have become pugged over winter.

Scimitar Rubber Tyred Rollers can be filled with water to increase the operating weight to approx 1.8 tonnes.

Scimitar Roller Wheel Controlled

Scimitar Rollers are a “Cambridge” style roller which can be manufactured on either a standard or heavy duty (HD) frame. Rollers are fitted with 26″ Rings and a 3″ Axle, mounted to a design engineered frame which is there for the long haul.

Scimitar 3m Roller Drill

Scimitar Roller Drills use the fluted roller drive seed metering system which has been tried and proven for over 40 years. They can achieve sowing rates ranging from 1kg / ha for turnips up to 100kg/ ha for oats.

Scimitar Roller Drills has an option of a heavy duty engineer designed frame which simplifies the fitting of hydraulic transport wheels.

Scimitar Custom Built Land Levellers

Scimitar Land levellers are often built to the customers particular individual requirements, including machines being built heavier, lighter, longer, or shorter, hydraulic outrigger wheels, offset tandem wheels, wing mounted wheels and so on.

Scimitar will build what you need

Scimitar are here to listen to you. We will build the machine that best suits your needs and requirements, for your type of work. Give us a call today. And we will discuss the available options and prices.


Scimitar Heavy Duty Land Levellers

Varying in width from 3m to 8m, with Heavy Duty Frames these have transport wheel systems that are hydraulically operated. To improve the versatility of these machines, tines can be added which are adjusted manually or hydraulically. Scimitar can build the Leveller just for you, there is no such thing called a Standard Leveller.

All machines are built entirely to the customers specifications, and wants. You say it and we will do it. Scimitar manufactures Levellers to meet the requirements and specs of the customer to bring about satisfaction, peace of mind and ease of operation, that makes the job easier. Experience the same service, enquire today (06) 370 1212.