AGTEC provides workshop services to our clients through our AGFIX arm. We have a highly competent team who have many years of experience between them, in both the maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery. You have the machinery – we have the know-how. So whether it’s repairs or restoration of your existing machinery; or you have a particular need that we can custom build new equipment for, our services are specific to your exact needs. Through listening to our clients and providing exceptional service, AGFIX has built a strong and loyal customer base.

Refurbished Machines

As you’ll be well aware, Agricultural machinery has a life-span, and will get to a point where it’s no longer performing optimally. It’s usually at that point, that the operational costs start mounting also. So whether it’s one part, or the whole unit that needs attention, give us a call, and we’ll get it working smoothly again and extend its life as long as possible. AGFIX will work for you, so that you can get the work done!

Custom Builds

AGFIX can design and build machinery from a basic concept through to the application in the field. If you have a particular function or operation required – we can make it happen. Adapting two separate machines to work together is a common request for AGFIX. The options are many but examples of such customisations include:

  • fitting Seed Boxes to Cambridge Rollers,
  • attaching Air Seeders to Spiked Rotors or
  • fitting Tines to Land Levellers.

Repairs & Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance and repairs of Agricultural machinery is essential for performance, ease of operation, safety, and not to mention efficiencies in terms of operational costs. At AgFix this is our bread and butter. We enjoy working with our farming clients to provide a great service in a timely manner, and have a vast number of repeat clients. Remember that rust never sleeps! Water and rust in bearings, leads to breakdowns. Shafts that were bent last season will not straighten themselves, no matter how long you leave them under the macrocarpa down the back. Make sure you don’t leave it til the last minute to get your gear booked in.  We’ll look after you, and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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