Fencepro Ultra G3

Currently the flagship of the Fence-Pro range. It is designed and has been proven to stand up to the toughest of fencing conditions.

Large 2″ inverted lift ram, low whip technology, 300mm top pulley, 11mm wire rope and will handle up to 385kg block – It really is the serious contractors Post Driver.

Standard Features

  • 4.8m Hinged Mast
  • 300kg Block
  • 350mm Mastshift
  • 8 Bank Valve
  • Hydraulic Toplink & Side tilt
  • 11mm Wire Rope
  • Single 300mm Pulley – top of mast
  • 75mm Mast Pivot Pin
  • Adjustable Legs


  • 350kg & 385kg Blocks
  • Sidemount Unit (420mm, 600mm, 900mm) – Double Linkage & Leg Roller Kit
  • Rockspike Extractor – hydraulic or manual turner
  • 90mm or 120mm Spikes
  • Rock Drill – Planetary Drive – Extractor
  • Standard Auger Motor & Hoses – Extractor
  • Postlifter Kit
  • Hydraulic Adjustable Legs