Maxam mowers and toppers are multipurpose mowers designed to do all the mowing and topping on your farm. A Maxam has the mowing capabilities of a disc mower, the convenience of a topper, and the spreading capabilities of a tedder.

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Maxam 2500

The 2500IV is an incredibly versatile mower that will handle all the mowing and topping duties on the farm. They are very robust and easy to use, ideal for unskilled staff. Even when the mowing gets heavy, they do not block or make a mess. The Wilter spreader makes this machine unbeatable! The topper mower that covers the field!

Maxam 3300

The Maxam 3300IV is an amazingly compact mower for a 3.3m cutting width, which makes it easy and safe to operate even in undulating terrain.

MXL250 Mower

The MXL250 is effectively the Maxam 2500 mounted out the side of the tractor in the traditional mounting position. This equates to a very robust yet versatile mower in a very compact transport position. Ideal for farmers who cut their own crops and want the full spread of grass from the Wilter spreader.