Maxam mowers and toppers are multipurpose mowers designed to do all the mowing and topping on your farm. A Maxam has the mowing capabilities of a disc mower, the convenience of a topper, and the spreading capabilities of a tedder.

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Maxam 2500

The 2500IV is an incredibly versatile mower that will handle all the mowing and topping duties on the farm. They are very robust and easy to use, ideal for unskilled staff. Even when the mowing gets heavy, they do not block or make a mess.

The Maxam 2500IV is a tough mower capable of mowing everything from hay crops to bull rushes and all topping jobs. Also ideal for Kaikuyu control rather than using a mulcher or a topper with mulching blades. This is because it can mow low without scalping. The long skids underneath the cutting drums keep the blades at an accurate distance from the ground whereas toppers inevitably scalp the ground when trying to cut low enough to be effective on Kaikuyu grass. This makes Maxam mowers the ultimate topping mowers.

The 2500IV mower and Wilter spreader combination is unique worldwide. The clean cut grass is fed from the cutting drums into the Wilter tynes, which toss the grass so any clumps are broken up and the heaviest grass lands on top for the most exposure to the elements for quick and even wilting. The wilting time of crops conditioned and spread by the Wilter is faster than any other system including mower conditioners.

Dairy farmers often top after the cows have grazed the strip, and the full spread of toppings decompose quickly, allowing the grass to regrow. Another common practice is mowing the grass before the strip is fed to the cows, and farmers have found that leaving the mown grass in rows minimises trampling and spoilage from dung. Simply remove the Wilter tynes to leave tidy windrows, much like a feed pad.

Maxam 3300

The Maxam 3300IV is an amazingly compact mower for a 3.3m cutting width, which makes it easy and safe to operate even in undulating terrain.

The beauty of the MAXAM 3300IV is that you can knock out the topping jobs in unbelievably short time which is so important on busy dairy farms. Too often the toppings jobs are left to another day so the fresh regrowth is not as quick. The 3300IV high speed cutting blades leave the grass cleanly cut, and the fully spread toppings decompose quickly, enriching the soil. The cutting height can be fine tuned to suit the required DM/Ha, which will change throughout a normal season. Post Grazing residual height of the pasture is critical to its recovery and the Maxam mower has a mixture of blade heights and topping skids to pick from. The Maxam mower range is therefore an important part of a farmers pasture management system.

Another key part of the Maxam 3300IV mower success is the way the four skids under the cutting drums stop any scalping – even when cutting low to the ground. Traditional toppers bridge across their outside skids, especially if the cutting width is over about 1.5m. Mostly the cutting height must be adjusted up until this does not happen and this is commonly about 75 to 100mm which is too high for effective results.

Disc mowers are used for topping and whilst they don’t scalp, they tend to overheat as there isn’t enough grass flowing over the bar to provide effective cooling. They are also much more complex and need regular servicing. Being out the side of the tractor makes them more susceptible to hitting fences, troughs and other damage.