Fencepro Ultra G2

The Fence – Pro Ultra G2 has proven to be the fencing contractors’ first choice of post rammer. AGTEC have fitted a significant number of these rammers to a wide variety of units ranging through crawler and wheeled tractors. The popularity comes from their ability to handle difficult fencelines with ease, speed and safety.

Standard Features:


  • 4.5m Heavy Duty Hinged Mast
  • 270Kg Contractors Block
  • 6 Bank Valve
  • Hydraulic Side tilt & Toplink
  • Adjustable height feet
  • 350mm Mastshift
  • 75mm Main Pivot Pin
  • 9mm Wire Rope



  • 300kg Block
  • Sidemount Unit (420mm, 600mm, 900mm) – Leg Roller & double linkage
  • 250mm Rear Shift Unit
  • Rockspike Extractor – manual or hydraulic turner
  • 90mm, 120mm Spikes
  • Auger Motor & Hoses & Extractor
  • Post Lifter Kit