Fencepro Mule V

The Mule V is an amazingly versatile and capable post driver, versatile enough so you can tackle difficult fence lines by yourself with simple plumbing up to any tractor, digger, skid steer etc. The combination of the new Versatile hydraulics and active-block work together to make this rig very fast and easy to use. The Mule V can be specified with 4.0, 4.5 or 4.8m masts, with all Fence-Pro base and attachment options available to be fitted. this means as your fencing requirements change, your post rammer can change to adapt to the new challenges. this model is amazing value for the level of specification, and will change the way you approach every job because it makes life so much easier.

  • 4.0m HD Mast
  • 260kg Active Block
  • 4 Lever Valve Bank
  • Adjustable Feet

Optional Extras:

  • Rock Spike Extractor (manual or hydraulic turner)
  • 90mm or 120mm Spikes
  • 300kg Active Block
  • Auger Motor & Hoses Kit