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Fence Pro Mule


Equipment Description

The Mule is an extremely robust and versatile post driver capable of high workloads in difficult conditions. The mast is the same construction as the top of
the range Ultra G2 and can be fitted with a wide range of options such as a rock spike or auger.

Standard features:

*4m Mast
*Centre mounted
*Hyd top link and side tilt
*3 Bank hyd valve
*40 Degrees side tilt
*200kg Double hitting block
*9mm Rope
*Large mast head pulley
*Heavy duty main pin
*Heavy duty Ultra mast
*Universal mount for auger,
rock spike and post lifter
*User friendly position of controls 


*260kg Ultra block
*Sidemount (420, 600, 900)
*Rear shift 250
*Post lifter
*Hyd Auger and extractor
*Rock Spike extractor

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06 370 1212

315 Naumutawa Road, Solway, Masterton 5810

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