Allspread T1300 PTO Twin Spinner

Features & Benefits:

  • Hopper & guards are UV and corrosion resistant polyethylene for longer service
  • Frame is strong steel construction which is hot-dip galvanised for durability
  • Aperture shutter is stainless steel for no maintenance
  • Twin Apertures have a single drop point each for even spreading and growth
  • Spinner is dished with adjustable fins for even spreading and even growth
  • Spinner speed 788rpm at 540 PTO rpm for wide even spread
  • PVC hopper cover
  • Hydraulic open/shut for ease of operation

Spreader Dimensions:

  • Working width 4m – 20m
  • Width: 2370mm
  • Height: 1260

Hopper Capacity:

  • 1300 Litres
  • 1 tonne bag of Urea
  • DAP 1300kg
  • Superphosphate 1430kg