Folding Cultivator

  • Heavy wall RHS
  • Thicker Roller webs
  • Deeper tine stagger
  • Trash clearance tines
  • Trailing models available

Want quality, robust products? That’s what you get with Redback! All Redback products are made right here in New Zealand, to suit a vast range of uses.

Available in 4.6m (15′) 43 tine, or 5.5m (18′) 52 tine, in either standard or heavy duty.  Outer depth wheels in lieu of skids are an option.

Standard model features:

Twin frame c/w Crumbler, 12mm S-Tines, Fully welded construction, Diagonal bracing, Independent floating gangs, Secure roller depth adjustment.

Heavy Duty model features:

Heavier frames, Heavier roller webs and bearings, Deeper tine stagger, Trash clearance tines.