The Boss Bale Feeder

The Boss three-point-linkage single bale feeder is the most reliable and efficient feeder on the market.

Understanding the demands of the modern farmer and time spent behind the wheel of a tractor were essential in the design and build of The Boss and its durability is testament to years of working in the field with the farmers that use them.

​Round and square bales​

The Boss is designed to feed out both round and square bales (with the addition of a square bale kit*) efficiently, eliminating the need to buy a second machine.


Feeds out both sides

It doesn’t matter which way the bale is loaded into the cradle as a reversible drive system enables feeding from both sides, making it easier when working on the side of a hill.

Chain ​

With a 15 000lb, 12mm ⌀ solid pin roller chain there will never be a need to replace the guided roller chain. Weight is absorbed by rollers not bars delivering a very quiet operation.


Enclosed drive shaft

The drive shafts are fully enclosed to prevent silage/hay from wrapping around moving parts resulting in congestion and loss of power