Varying in width from 3m to 8m, offering Standard and Heavy Duty Frames these Scimitar Landlevellers have transport wheel systems that are hydraulically operated.

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Scimitar Custom Built Land Levellers

Scimitar Land levellers are often built to the customers particular individual requirements, including machines being built heavier, lighter, longer, or shorter, hydraulic outrigger wheels, offset tandem wheels, wing mounted wheels and so on.

Scimitar will build what you need

Scimitar are here to listen to you. We will build the machine that best suits your needs and requirements, for your type of work. Give us a call today. And we will discuss the available options and prices.


Scimitar Heavy Duty Land Levellers

Varying in width from 3m to 8m, with Heavy Duty Frames these have transport wheel systems that are hydraulically operated. To improve the versatility of these machines, tines can be added which are adjusted manually or hydraulically. Scimitar can build the Leveller just for you, there is no such thing called a Standard Leveller.

All machines are built entirely to the customers specifications, and wants. You say it and we will do it. Scimitar manufactures Levellers to meet the requirements and specs of the customer to bring about satisfaction, peace of mind and ease of operation, that makes the job easier. Experience the same service, enquire today (06) 370 1212.

Scimitar Standard 3m Land Leveller

Scimitar Standard 3m Land Leveller is a well engineered high quality product and demonstrates the basic form of a Land Leveller and comes with hydraulic actuated transport wheels, and 2 point front swivel hitch. Tines can be fitted as an option with manual or hydraulic adjustment.