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Taege Drill


Equipment Description

Features of Taege Seed Drills that benefit you are: Fully computerised metering system, in cab controls

Strong hot dipped galvanised framing and brackets which insures longevity of your investment

Very flexible 'S' tynes set on a patented angle combined with Taege 3 piece boots and fine hard wearing tungsten tiled tips is a vastly different set up to other tyne drills. These differences benifit you by:


  • Providing excellent penetration in extremly hard ground
  • Creating an outstanding see bed giving a much higher strike rate
  • Great contour following insuring more seed is where you want it to be
  • Good trash clearance with no need for disc openers


Adjustable harrows are fitted on our machines, these harrows insure you get good seed to soil contact

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06 370 1212

315 Naumutawa Road, Solway, Masterton 5810

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